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teiknai g ti slinni.

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dag er g rau orsins fyllstu.

Hrna kisi kisi

Cat and a fish by you.
Cat and a fish by you.
Hann veiddi fisk bryggjunni dag og vildi lmur gefa ketti hann.
Hugulsamur drengur.

a er ess vegna

sem a g vinn a sningunni minni sem opnar eftir viku utandyra.

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Og hn gefur r

te og appelsnur.

Svona tilefni ess a bloggi mitt er allt einu ori appelsnugult. Bloggi opna a hluta
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Enginn gerir eins gan kjkling og g, engin!

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essi var eldaur mean a g dansai vi etta:

Sem var bara snilld.

Hann er mikill


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Honum er mjg illa vi a a f sig mark. Venjulegast semur hann snar eigin reglur ar sem banna er a skora hans mark.

egar a essi mynd var tekin var s regla brotin, honum til mikils ama.


gtis fstudagskvldi.

Revenge of the nerds.


sland dag, fyrir sem misstu af.

Skrtinn strkur

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Kippir kyni

The Weird Girls Project.

Krnan niur og vi vandrum. Horfu sland dag eftir!

The Weird Girls Project.

The fifth episode of the all female arts project took place at the beginning of July. The main focus for this event was the filming of an official music video for Einar rn and Curvers band Ghostigital. The track is called Mr Spectaculars Fantastic Hovering Hoover Skates and will be on their new album released early 2009.

Director rgnr Thoroddsen is working on the video media to be released in September and used a complex filming technique to produce 3D effects. Even though a young filmmaker rgnr has won several awards already including Best soundtrack, NUFF 2005, New Diamond, Karlovy Vary Fresh Film Fest 2005, a nomination to Eddan, Icelandic film academy awards 2005 and European Youth Awards 2005 all for his first short film Hidebound. He also won Best Short Documentary in Reykjavik International Film Festival 2006, for film orri & Snorri.

This Weird Girls Episode was helped along by Morgunblai investigating why one of the members was advertising a need for roller skates in every internet media possible. This led to the project having so many donations of old fashioned roller skates that within days they had enough for all 14 members taking part in this episode, whereas they had been struggling for months to locate any.

The next episode has been planned to happen live at Londons Concrete and Glass music festival in October 2008. The group has been fundraising to get there but without a sponsor will not be able to go. Their own fundraising will be able to cover the cost of costume making, exhibition materials and equipment hire but the immense cost of flights and accommodation is beyond their financing. The groups members come from varying walks of life and most are either students or parents or both and a production of this size requires substantial financing.

When the group received their invitation to the festival the Krona was not nearly as weak as it currently is. This has meant that all costs concerned with the festival appearance are much higher than when first planned. Many companies have cancelled or reduced their private sponsorships and airlines are struggling. The project won a small grant from the Center for Icelandic Arts a few months ago. This recognition of such a newly formed arts collective was inspiring and encouraging but since then, the rapid financial decline of the country has affected many musicians and artists for whom living here has until now provided much more freedom than most.

Kitty Von-Sometime has warned the festival organisers that unless something dramatic happens during the next couple of weeks, the group will have to pull out of the festival altogether. This would obviously be very disappointing to the group and the festival organiser Paul Hitchman stated It's very frustrating as I was looking forward to this performance and is trying to find some funding within the UK but Kitty states that even if the group cannot attend, there is a major plan for the next episode should it be happening locally. Krnan niur ullin upp
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